What are 'Integrated Upstands'?

  • Integrated upstands are used to prevent water leakage between the shower tray and adjacent walls.
  • The upstands is molded into the shower tray and stands up 14mm around all four sides (two sides for quadrant types).
  • Once the tray is installed, render and tiles/panelling can be fitted over the upstand where it meets any walls so that it is obscured.
  • As the upstand is raised up behind the tiling by 14mm, this prevents water from leaking out.
  • The bottom profile of the shower door can then sit inside the upstand at the front of the tray. As most doors will have a bottom profile that is deeper than the upstand, the door is free to open.
  • For shower trays that are not available with the 'Integrated Upstand' option, an excellent alternative is 'Flexi-Seal' shower seal that operates on a similar principle.
  • Click here for more details on Flexi-Seal.
Picture of Upstand Tray