What is 'Easy-Plumb'?

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The "Easy-Plumb" option comprises of a panel and feet kit to raise the tray off the ground. This simplifies the installation process by allowing easy access to the waste drain and pipe.   Installation problems are elimintated that can arise due to the location of joists and other pipework.

Once the tray height has been set, panels can then be easily fitted into place.   As the panels are removable, easy access to the waste trap is afforded.

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"Easy-Plumb" shower trays are supported by sturdy 12mm legs and heavy duty feet to eliminate movement.

Brackets are supplied to support the side panels.

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The "Easy-Plumb" option is available for a number of our shower trays in both the Slimline and traditional ranges.

Both types are supplied with one front and one side panel (only front panel required for quadrant models) along with a kit containing feet and fixing brackets.

If necessary, the panels can be trimmed in size to suit your installation requirements.

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Once installed, easy access below the shower tray is afforded by removable panels. This allows for inspection of pipework, waste trap and integrity of sealant.